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Iron Castings

Bell Foundry has four 3000-pound electric induction furnaces that supply up to 24 tons of molten iron per shift. Pouring ASTM A48 Gray Iron, Bell casts parts servicing customers nationwide in the household, construction, automotive aftermarket and industrial markets.

Ductile Iron Castings

As the largest US Foundry-supplier of aftermarket lift knuckles for pickup trucks, Bell Foundry has over 15 years’ experience without a single failure due to material defects. Bell’s metal chemistry and controller inoculation, combined with expertly calculated cooling rates, produce 95%-100% nodular iron.

Medium to High Volume Production

Three Beardsley & Piper Automatic Molding Machines producing up to 1700 molds per shift make high volume production easy.

Quality Control

The chemical composition of Bell’s iron is verified by the foundry’s gas spectrometer. Test samples poured directly from the furnace are analyzed to confirm the make-up of each ASTM lot of gray iron. Ductile iron has test samples and test bars for both foundry and certified lab verification of the physical properties and chemistry. Metallography is also a routine part of inspection on ductile iron lots.