Our History

The Start of Bell Foundry

1948 Henry Bork with niece

Henry Bork pictured with niece in 1948

Our Long History…

Bell Foundry was established as an iron foundry in 1923 by Henry Bork, and has operated on its current site in the Greater Los Angeles basin since 1927. The firm stayed in the family for three generations and in 1953, Henry’s grandson, Jim DeWald, purchased the foundry to continue the family legacy.

Around the same time in a different part of town, another member of the Bork family, Jerry Bork, opened his own business establishing Jerebar Corporation aluminum foundry. Through it all, Jim and Jerry remained close friends and always supported one another’s businesses.

As time went on, Bell Foundry remained busy and began engaging in an ongoing program of modernization, mechanization and computerization. It was even one of the first companies to install room-sized business computers in the early days of computerization.

Jim DeWald passed away in 1999 but the company continues to be owned by his family trust. The person in charge of the trust is chairman of the company and has been affiliated with Bell Foundry for more than 40 years.

Jim DeWald believed a core responsibility of Bell Foundry was to provide jobs. This always has been a focal point at Bell and continues to this day. Bell has a unique history of retaining employees for decades, some virtually their entire working lives.

1973 South Gate Press Newspaper featuring Bell Foundry Co

1973 South Gate Press Newspaper featuring Bell Foundry Co

More Recently…

In 2001, Jerry Bork retired from the aluminum foundry business, and so Bell Foundry purchased the assets of Jerebar Corporation, bringing the two sides of the family and their respective capabilities together. Jerebar’s operations were relocated to Bell Foundry’s site and employees of Jerebar became employees of Bell Foundry. Jerry, continued to advise the business after his retirement, and remains in contact today, at 100 years old.

In 2003, Edgar Cruz joined Bell Foundry and brought with him 23 years of aluminum foundry experience and expertise as a manager and foundry operator. Under his tutelage, the organization began upgrading its on-site machine shop, bringing it to the level of what it is today, to an ISO 9001:2015 certified CNC machine shop.

In 2019, the management team at Bell Foundry made the move to focus holistically on its aluminum foundry business and the ISO 9001:2015 CNC machine shop. Consistent with this, in 2019 Edgar Cruz became the president and CEO of Bell Foundry.

1973 South Gate Press Newspaper featuring Bell Foundry Co

1973 South Gate Press Newspaper featuring Bell Foundry Co

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