CNC Machining Services

High Tolerance CNC Machined Parts

When your aluminum castings are ready to be machined, our expert engineering team will design a custom milling program to tune, mill and drill your component at exact times and locations, creating a consistently machined finished piece. To reduce possible waste and errors, we test the process using test-castings, before starting production.

Once your machining project is in motion, we continually check the critical dimensions and document the output to assure machining accuracy for each part as required by ISO standards.

Bell's Aluminum Machine Casting

Precision CNC Machining

At Bell Foundry, we have everything we need to quickly produce high quality CNC machined parts for our broad customer base.

Our ISO 9001:2015 Certified CNC Machine Shop offers automatic machining, optimized for precision and performance.

Our equipment includes vertical milling machines designed to produce highly complex parts with tight tolerances of ±.001” (25 microns) – important to ensure that parts can be assembled easily and perform their required function with minimal adjustment.

For smaller jobs, we also offer a conventional machine shop featuring multiple drill presses, push lathes and milling machines for manual part runs and manual machining jobs.

For our aluminum casting customers, having in-house machining offers a number of benefits including the ability to work with a consistent project team from start to finish, ensuring a smoother project workflow, less scrap, reduced lead times and lower labor costs.

Advantages of CNC Machining

Highly Precise Machined Parts

CNC Machining is the best option for producing precision parts with little to no variation and tight tolerances.

Faster Production

Automated machining requires little to no human intervention so parts can be manufactured almost non-stop.

Fewer Errors, Less Waste

Measure once, then let the machine do the work. Parts will be replicated to those exact specifications multiple times over, leaving little chance of error and no scrap.

Lower Labor Costs

A single machine can do the work of multiple team members, freeing up resources to focus on managing quality of output instead of doing the tedious work by hand.

Why Choose Bell Foundry for High Quality CNC Machined Parts

Engineering Expertise

Our certified mechanical engineers offer free design review and bring over 55 years’ combined experience to optimize your production process for cost, accuracy and speed.

Tight Quality Control

Our process uses test-castings to eliminate machining inconsistencies in the pre-production phase. During production, we check and document dimensions multiple times to confirm consistency and accuracy.

High Precision Machining

Our vertical milling machines produce consistently precise parts with tight tolerances down to ±.001”, ensuring high quality fit and function.

CNC Certified Machine Shop in Los Angeles

CNC Machine Shop Equipment

Bell Foundry’s ISO 9001:2015 Certified CNC Machine Shop currently operates eight vertical CNC Milling Machines with Four-Axis capabilities at +/- 0.001” tolerances.

  • FADAL 4-axis Vertical CNC Milling Centers

    • (2) 4020 FADAL Vertical CNC Milling Centers
    • (1) 5020 FADAL Vertical CNC Milling Center
    • (3) 6030 FADAL Vertical CNC Milling Centers
    • (2) 6535 FADAL Vertical CNC Milling Centers

Our conventional machine shop also houses additional machines for short runs and manual projects.

The CNC Machining Process

Certified Standards

Bell Foundry’s procedures, operations and quality assurance system are registered to the worldwide ISO 9001:2015 standard Certificate No. 1101288.

Bell Foundry ISO 9001:2015 Certification
Bell Foundry Member in good standing - Manufacturers and Agents
Bell Foundry California Metals Coalition Member
Bell Foundry is proud member of the American Foundry Society

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