713 Aluminum

713 Aluminum Alloy Specifications

713 aluminum alloy is also known as TenzaloyTM 713. Its physical properties are equivalent to the heat-treated 300 and 500 series aluminum alloys but does not require heat treating to maintain similar strength and performance. Rather, this alloy is self-aging and reaches maximum strength and stability at two-three weeks. Tenzaloy 713 alloy is highly machinable and has the added benefit of eliminating several machining steps due to its fine finish and fewer cuts. Customers often select 713 aluminum for frames, brackets, levers, housings and heavy-duty fan blades.

Elongation % Ultimate Tensile Strength (ksi) Brinell Hardness Melting Onset (°F)
3% 32 ksi 75 1100 °F

Products Made with 713 Aluminum Alloy

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