Cost-Efficient Precision Aluminum Castings

Aluminum Sand Castings for Versatility and Cost Savings

Molten aluminum pour into green sand casting

Sand Castings

Since launching its aluminum casting operations in 2002, Bell Foundry has grown in capabilities and capacity because of our versatility and quality output. Currently, we operate several manual molding stations which include multiple Squeezers, Roto Lifts, and Cope & Drag floor molding operations. We also employ several automatic molding machines, including a Roberts Sinto and three Beardsley and Piper machines. The foundry is equipped with several 900-pound gas-fired furnaces that allow us to cast multiple aluminum alloys simultaneously, providing up to 25,000 pounds of capacity per shift and ensuring we can meet any size or time-sensitive project requirements.

Why choose aluminum sand castings?

Aluminum sand castings are the right choice for moving quickly from prototype to production and producing castings of any size and complexity. Benefits of an aluminum sand casting process:

  • Design flexibility for any size manufactured part 
  • Works with a broad choice of materials 
  • Cost-efficient for set up and tooling 
  • Accommodates short lead times and quick turnaround needs
  • Cost-efficient compared to machining out of billet stock

Consistent molding sand properties, proven techniques and a wide selection of available equipment allow Bell Foundry to produce high-quality aluminum castings with excellent surface quality and detail, even in deeply drawn shapes.

Bell Foundry automatic Hall tilt pour machines

Permanent Mold Castings for Strength, Structure and Aesthetics

Permanent Mold Castings deliver extremely high quality, durable castings that are lightweight, precise and designed with a tighter molecular structure and a smoother finish than sand castings can provide. Permanent mold casting is also the optimal solution for larger part runs where precision is critical.

At Bell Foundry, we can accommodate a variety size projects with multiple permanent mold casting machines that range from conventional rack and pinion to automatic HALL Tilt-Pour machines. Our 900-pound furnaces can process up to 5,000 pounds of capacity per shift.

Why Choose Permanent Mold Casting

Permanent mold casting can be the right choice for projects that require a smoother finish, lighter weight or lower cost at a high volume. Other benefits include:

  • More aesthetically pleasing finish 
  • Greater strength at lighter weight output 
  • Highly precise output 
  • Less machining required for finishing work 
  • Lower costs for high volume part runs
Bell Foundry automatic Hall tilt pour machines

We Do Castings for Either…

Small Runs and Prototyping

Partnering with you to develop and verify new projects, from multi-core automotive components to simple utilitarian household items

Medium to High Volume Production

Using multiple molding stations, automatic molding machine and furnace outputs of up to 20,000 lbs of aluminum per shift

Selecting The Best Aluminum Alloys For Casting

High quality castings start with the highest quality materials available. That’s why we only use 100% certified and traceable aluminum ingots for all aluminum casting projects.

Our most popular alloy options include: 319 Aluminum, C355.0 Aluminum, 356.1 Aluminum, A356.2 Aluminum, 535 Aluminum and TanzaloyTM 713 Aluminum.
See example completed projects and specifications for each aluminum casting option below.
319 Aluminum Product

319 Aluminum

For low-pressure castings in automotive and general commercial applications.

More Details

A356.2 Aluminum Product

A356.2 Aluminum

Wide variety of castings and multiple applications.

More Details

c355 Aluminum Product

C355 Aluminum

For high strength compressor housings, engine parts.

More Details

535 Aluminum Product

535 Aluminum

For marine applications, corrosion-resistant castings.

More Details

356.1 Aluminum Product

356.1 Aluminum

Wide variety of castings and multiple applications.

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713 Aluminum Product

713 Aluminum

For frames, brackets, levers, bases, housing, heavy duty fan blades and more.

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All aluminum feedstock are certified ingots.

Casting Machinery Specifications

  • Coremaking
  • Automatic Machines
  • Manual Machines
  • Permanent Mold Machines
Engineer at Bell Foundry checking the aluminum 3D model

Coremaking Machines

Bell Foundry is equipped with a variety of shell core machines including both manual and automatic machines:

  • Four (4) Shalco U-180 semi-automatic machines
  • Twelve (12) dependable shell machines of various sizes

We also produce cold box, oil sand, dry sand, Pep Set, and SO2 dry sand cores. These cores may be made in-house or outsourced.


Automatic Molding and Melting Machines

Multiple molding stations with the following capabilities:

  • Two (2) Beardsley & Piper 16” x 20” x 5”/5” automatic molding machines
  • One (1) Beardsley & Piper 20” x 26” x 7”/7” automatic molding machine
  • One (1) Robert Sinto 20” x 24” x 5”/5” automatic molding machine
  • 25,000 pound per shift melting capacity

Manual Molding Machines

Manual Machines are used to make green sand molds using a variety of flask sizes. Flasks are used to contain the mold of an aluminum casting. Below are our flask sizes in inches:

Three (3) Squeezer12” x 12”16” x 20”
Three (3) Roto-lift16” x 28”24” x 72”
One (1) Floor Molding28” x 28”64” x 64”
One (1) Dry Sand100 pounds per minute machine rating

Permanent Mold Machines

The permanent mold casting process offers a finer grain structure for higher quality mechanical properties, smoother surface finishes and higher volume part-runs.

Hall 3HS Tilt-Pour44” x 28” x 36”
Rack and PinionVarious sizes

Our Process

Core Making

Bell Foundry cores are made in-house.

Mold Making

Bell Foundry features multiple molding stations.

Automatic Mold Making

Produces about 2 molds per minute.

Aluminum Casting Pour

Bell Foundry is equipped with several 900-pound furnaces.

Casting Removal

The sand is then removed and the casting is cleaned.

Gate Riser Removal

All gate risers are removed before being sanded.


At the sanding station, the products are then smoothed.

Final Product

A Bell Foundry sample product being showcased.

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