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High Quality Aluminum Casting and Machining

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One-Stop-Shop High Quality Aluminum Foundry

Bell Foundry is a single-source provider of custom aluminum casting and machining processes. We take your ideas from concept to delivery including design, prototyping, casting, finishing and packaging.

Our expert engineering and customer service team works hand-in-glove with you throughout the manufacturing process to ensure a smooth workflow and consistently high-quality output that results in faster time to market, less scrap and lower costs for you. 

Our Casting and Machining Process


Our expert engineers strategize with you to design the highest quality part using 3D modeling and simulation programs. Together we perfect your design, reduce your costs and speed your time to market.


We design and cast molds in either aluminum sand casting or permanent mold, then deliver them to our machine shop for precision milling, drilling, tapping and boring. Our in-house teams eliminate the need for any outside vendors, saving you time, scrap and costs.

Quality Assurance

We use only certified and traceable ingots for aluminum castings. We verify the chemistry and microstructure of each heat, cataloging a metal sample in our own database and sending a copy of lab results to you.

Warehousing, Packaging & Delivery

We can store and stage your parts in preparation for just-in-time delivery, or safely and securely package and deliver them anywhere in the world. Both pick-up and personalized shipping options are available to your ideal location.

Value Added Services

Our full-service approach is flexible and includes a variety of services to engineer and prototype, manually machine, paint, finish, package, store and deliver your parts as needed. Let our team devise a comprehensive plan to accomplish your goals and support your project from start to finish.

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Aluminum Castings

We offer multiple casting processes for complete product flexibility. Choose from custom green sand castings, dry sand castings or a permanent mold casting process to fit your budget, timing, application and output requirements.

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CNC Machining

Our expert engineers use strategies that produce the highest quality parts at the lowest possible cost. Our ISO 9001:2015 Certified Machine shop, produces parts with extremely tight tolerances ensuring high precision and performance.

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