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Sand Castings

Since adding aluminum casting operations in 2002, Bell Foundry continues to increase  capabilities and capacity. In Bell’s six green sand molding stations, our Squeezers, Roto Lifts, Cope & Drag, and Sinto Automatic Molding Machine are fed molten aluminum from five 900-pound gas furnaces at up to 15,000 pounds per shift.

Bell Foundry casts with certified primary or secondary ingots, according to customer specifications. Equipped with several furnaces, the foundry casts multiple aluminum alloys simultaneously. Aluminum Alloy 356 is the most popular with our customers and Bell pours most of the 300-Series Aluminum Alloys.

Consistent molding sand properties, proven techniques and the range of equipment available allow Bell to produce quality aluminum castings with excellent flatness and detail, even in deeply drawn shapes.

Permanent Mold Castings

Bell Foundry operates multiple permanent mold machines from conventional to automatic Hall tilt pour machines. Certified ingots are cast per customer specification in two 900 pound furnaces with up to 5000 pounds per shift. The permanent mold casting process offers several advantages, including a finer grain structure for higher quality mechanical properties, smoother surface finishes and higher volume part-runs.

Small Runs and Prototyping

Starting with a printed part or a printed mold, Bell Foundry casts the parts you need to verify form, fit and function. From complex multi-core automotive components to simple utilitarian household items, the engineers at Bell partner with customers to develop new projects..

Medium to High Volume Production

Bell Foundry manages high volume parts with multiple molding stations, automatic molding machine and furnace outputs of up to 20,000 pounds of aluminum per shift